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Even though the law changed and everyone is donor automatically, unless they changed this to being a non donor, we still let a lot of organs die and go to waste..


I came up with the Online Museum of Disappointed Organs to show people there are still too many unused organs that could have been used for someone new. Unfortunately these unused organs are now showed in a museum in stead of living for someone else.


These disappointed organs tell you their story in this exhibition.


There is a live counting in the museum, everytime someone dies and chooses not to give his/her organs away, new disappointed organs join the collection. This is an estimate counting based on  known numbers.




Are you disappointed too after visiting the museum? Then click un the disappointed donor “I could have lived for someone else” icon and share this on your social media. At check out there’s the possibility to sign up as a donor if you weren’t already donor. 



Unlike donor organs this museum is accessible for you always, 24/7. As it should be!

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